Why Buy A Rolex Timepiece!

If you plan on purchasing a luxury made watch then your options are truly endless. However, don’t be fooled by brands like Cartier or Chopard. These watch brands might make beautiful watches but they will never compare to true value like Rolex timepieces. Rolex is the most highly demanded watch on the market and it’s been so for the last three decades. Your Rolex timepiece is an investment and it will hold it’s value more than most other luxury watch brands. I personally love the Rolex Submariner as it’s one of the highest demand watches and their is always a new resell market for it. If you want to check out some models you can see different Submariner models you can see the retail prices and compare them to pre-owned Rolex submariner prices. Don’t get me wrong if you want to sell the watch then you have to take it to a company like sell me watch who only buys pre-owned watches and they will give you a reasonable price for your watch but it will be a lot more than then any watch buyer would pay for a Cartier or Chopard watch.

Stunning Designer Handmade Engagement Rings

Let’s talk about engagement rings the most essential diamond ring. I can truly say nothing can compare to an engagement ring that’s hand picked and what makes it even more magical would be a lovely and uniquely handmade engagement ring. Here are some benefits of a handmade engagement ring that means it won’t use any rubber molds and traditional chemicals used in the manufacturing of the ring which is much more eco-friendly like these uniquely handmade rings they reduce the carbon footprint and are one-of-a-kind because each one is made to order for your center diamond. Brands like Danhov have won numerous awards for their engagement rings for this reason.

Another great award-winning designer who also makes beautiful engagement rings but they combine super rare natural fancy colored diamonds that cost upwards of 3 million dollars. Yes! 3 million dollars! Designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles these truly unique engagement rings and diamond jewelry are designed by Benjamin Javahari from Uneek.

Great Buys for Diamond Jewelry

Many times you want to get affordable diamond rings that look amazing and are made with high-quality diamonds and craftsmanship. This was something that I could honestly say was difficult to achieve a year ago but not today. There are new brands that are doing a great job bringing high-quality diamonds and amazingly high quality craftsmanship for what I like to call CHEAP. If you want to buy an engagement ring for less expensive Coronet has an a collection of inexpensive engagement rings under 1000.inexpensive engagement ring Coronet Diamonds What’s great about Coronet Diamond’s is that they use only ethically sourced diamonds and their patented Coronet Solitaire setting actually is made from seven smaller diamonds that mimic a single round diamond. This illusion of a single stone has a much higher brilliance than a traditional round diamond and A LOT less expensive.



Another great place to buy high-end diamonds is DiamondStuds.com an online retailer for diamond earrings and diamond jewelry. The great thing about buying from DiamondStuds.com is a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee.


round black diamond stud earringsround diamond stud earrings

The largest selection of diamond studs earrings online. No other retailer can compare to the amount of diamond options that includes diamond shapes: round, princess, asscher, cushion, oval, pear,  emerald and marquise. That’s eight diamond shapes and the quality ranges from Good to Best. So theirs a pair of diamond stud earrings waiting for you.  DiamondStuds.com also offers different diamond colors. From Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow and Recently DiamondStuds.com added solitaire and halo diamond rings and diamond pendants to their collection.